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For the month of May we have been exploring the meaning of obedience!

I Interviewed Billz Mazoya, Youth Leader and Founder of FellowshipLDN about his experience with obedience and what it means to him.


What does Obedience mean to you?

Obedience, by man’s definition, means a compliance to an authoritative order or request. This general definition often causes many people to assume that obedience to God results in the same absence of one’s own authority, whereas this is not the case. We have authority due to our obedience to the Spirit which gives us power, gifts and fruits. Obedience, to me, means love.

What are three tips you would give to someone struggling with OBEDIENCE?

  • PRAYER: Before doing anything, pray! God answers ALL prayers that are according to His will (1 John 5:14). I am sure that God wants all of us to be obedient to Him (John 14:15).

  • IDENTIFICATION: What area of disobedience is the biggest struggle? is it loving others, praying, reading your bible, attending church, sinning? Narrowing it down will make it much easier to overcome through prayer or practical advice (1 John 1:19 + James 1:22 + 5:16).

  • FRIENDSHIP: Seek friendships with obedient believers. If you walk with the wise, overtime you too will eventually become wise. (Proverbs 13:20 + 27:17).

What is your go to Bible verse that helps you with having OBEDIENCE?

PHILIPPIANS 4:13 is my personal favourite Bible verse when it comes to needing help or encouragement. It is an important reminder that I can do ALL things through [the Spirit of] Christ who strengthens me.

What is your favourite Bible story/character that demonstrates the many benefits of being OBEDIENT to God?

In my opinion, the greatest demonstrations of obedience from any biblical character came from Abraham, in Genesis 12 + 22. God told him to leave the country and he listened and was rewarded for it. Even when Abraham was tasked with sacrificing Isaac, his only son, he was obedient and prepared to do it.

What practical steps do you recommend to walk in OBEDIENCE after backsliding?

  • Read ROMANS 8:1 and LUKE 15:11-32, just to establish that just because you backslid doesn’t mean you can’t come back to Christ.

  • Reach out to someone who can hold you accountable or join one of the many online Christian fellowships that have risen up during this pandemic.

  • Cut off, resolve or limit contact with what is causing you to backslide; phone, tv, ungodly friends or partner, unbalanced work life, procrastination etc.


Connect with Billz:

Twitter and Instagram: @BMazoya

Men’s Fellowship: @FellowshipLDN 

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