Happy New Month!

I can’t believe it’s October already, we are literally approaching the new year so quickly. As we come towards the end of 2019, I pray that these last few months are filled with nothing but answered prayers and miracles in your life.

The theme for October at Masterpiece is Gods Glory. I love this, Gods glory is such a beautiful thing and it is constantly highlighted throughout the bible.

Before we dive into this theme, as we do in every topic, let's look at the definition so we understand what Glory means.

Above, I have inserted a screenshot from the Cambridge dictionary website.

According to them, glory is defined as great admiration, honour and praise that you earn by doing something successfully. So that paints an idea for us that when we give God glory we are admiring Him, honouring Him and praising Him but because He is good, He is holy and He is God.

When you read the bible, throughout the bible, God is given glory many many times through the different generations but one of the first way that we see God being given the glory is through sacrifice. We see this in the book of Genesis when we look at Cain and Abel. They both gave sacrifices to honour God. Abel gave God true glory and honour whilst Cain just gave God the scraps. We also see God being pleased with Abel because of the way he glorified God compared to Cain who did not please God with his ‘sacrifice’.

You see, when we glorify God, we respect Him and honour him. You can’t glorify Him if you do not respect His holiness and goodness.

There are so many ways in which God is glorified throughout the bible and there are many instances where He is glorified through the action of sacrifice and burnt offerings. Cain and Abel did it, Abraham did it, even in the old testament they did the Day of Atonement where they offered a special sacrifice and this Glorified God powerfully because they honoured Him and it was a form of praise as well.


Another way that God is glorified in the bible is by living right and obeying God. We see this early in the bible with Noah and his family. The whole earth was not glorifying God, so He was not pleased at all. God was ready to wipe off the entire population but he saw Noah and saw how Noah lived right which glorified God so God saved his family and protected them during the flood. When we glorify God, it is not in vain, when you truly glorify Him, He does see it and he is pleased with you and will not pass you by when he is blessing his people.


Another form of glorifying God in the bible is by loving each other and treating people with love. For example when we look at the story of Ruth for instance, she glorified God by serving her mother in law when she became a widow and decided to follow Naomi and be a good friend to her rather than leave her and get on with her own life. God saw Ruths heart and blessed her when she wasn’t expecting it, Ruth was focused on looking after her late husbands mother then God blessed Ruth with a husband. You might wonder how does Ruths actions here glorify God? She is not directly praising him? Her actions here and her selflessness motivated with a pure heart of love and service does glorify God is many ways. She carried the fruits of the spirit. She was kind and gentle and many more. Remember, the holy spirit was always around from the beginning of time. Jesus just introduced the holy spirit as a gift he left with us so that we can have access to God through him. So the fruits of the spirit is still relevant and evident in the old testament, in this case, in Ruth.


In the new testament, God is glorified many many ways. He is glorified through the actions of Jesus, every miracle Glorified God. Every time people had faith it glorified God. Even the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and believed that she will be healed, that act in itself glorified God. This is because she had faith and believed in him so greatly it honoured him.

There are so many ways we can glorify God and in the new testament we see disciples glorifying God as they served and followed Jesus, even after Jesus left, as the disciples spread out across the world spreading the good news, it all glorified God. They shared and honours his goodness and showed Gods glory to the people. We even see in the old testament when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to bow down to the statue, it glorified God so greatly that God protected them and promoted them.

Glorifying God will not only please him, you will see your life change. When you live in a way where you glorify him and live right, things will move in your life differently.


So I pray that over the month of October, you see the true glory of God in every area of your life. I pray that you continue to glorify him everyday and you will reap the blessings.

- Amen!


Stay blessed.

Marlyse x

Scriptures Referenced:

Cain&Abel: Genesis Chapter 4

Noah: Genesis Chapter 6: verse 7 onwards.

Ruth: The book of ruth

The Woman who touched Jesus’s Garment: Mark Chapter 5:25-34

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednago: Daniel Chapter 3.

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