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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Masterpiece Family!

We wish you all a very blessed celebration, many blessings and happiness.

As it's Christmas, I felt it's only right to talk about Jesus! Let's not forget the reason for the season. God's gift to the world!

We read about Jesus's life in the new testament and I thought what a perfect time to share 5 reasons Christmas is so important and so special!


REASON 1: “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life." - John 3:16

One of my favourite verses, reminds me of Gods unfailing love. He loves you so much that he gifted us Jesus, his ONLY son! I know this verse is heavily associated with easter but it fits with Christmas too. It is such a beautiful demonstration of Gods Love. This is one of my five reasons that Christmas is special. It's not about the date. It's not about Santa, or snow. These things are fun and all, but let us not forget the true meaning and power this event holds. God gave us Jesus, to save us and reconnect with his people again. Through Jesus, we are saved!


REASON 2: What a Miracle!

If God is not amazing, I don't know what is. He never fails and nothing is impossible with him. Not only did he give us his son, he performed a miracle at the same time! He put the baby in Mary, a virgin, something that is beyond our understanding. Imagine the crowd at the time! They must've been confused and amazed. God literally chose Mary, used her for his glory and to showcase that he is the living God of Miracles. So for this reason we celebrate this special occasion and remind ourselves of the God we serve!


REASON 3: God always has a divine plan!

Now, at the time of Mary's pregnancy, there was a lot going on. Not only was she a pregnant virgin, she was also engaged to Joseph. Now its hectic enough that the town was talking about her pregnancy and Joseph having to really trust God in this situation but this was just a small fraction of the bigger picture. God had already planned every part of this beautiful testimony, all the way from Adam to Jesus. Everything that happened, happened right on time. For example, God literally directed three wise men to baby Jesus by a star! Had they not been outside that night or had they been asleep already, it would have been different but no. God had them in the right place at the right time for His perfect plan.

This reassures me when I think about Christmas, it reminds me that even though I may be worried about a small thing in my life, or about where I need to be or go, God looks at every detail to make the bigger picture and its okay because he has already sorted everything perfectly. He already knows your next step, he knows what day you'll graduate even if you can not see it. He knows what job you're going to have next, he even knows what desk you'll seat at. This is because you are part of his bigger picture!


REASON 4: If God says yes, no man or devil can say no.

From the beginning, from the moment Adam and Eve ate the apple, God warned the devil. So satan knew that Jesus was to come, he didn't know when and he didn't know how. So he worked hard to stop it from the start. From Cain killing Abel, the devil thought he had a chance to stop Gods divine plan. But what he forgot is that God has the final say, and he said that he will bring a king, a messiah who will bridge the gap between earth and heaven. So when Christmas Day happened, there was victory in heaven. God always wins, even if you cannot see how your victory will arrive, just remember that you are on the winning side. Gods side always wins.


REASON 5: To Honour God and Honour Jesus.

When we remember what happened on the first Christmas, we see how the wise men bowed to Jesus and came bearing gifts, they honoured him and respected his presence from birth. We need to remind ourselves of the weight of Jesus's presence and remember to honour him on this day the way the wise men did. He is the son of the most high, Gods greatest gift, the reason we can get to heaven is through him. So as you look forward to opening you presents or tucking into your feast. Take a moment to honour him, whether through offering or through blessing someone or praising him. Honour Jesus, and God will truly bless you.

So those are my five reasons I think Christmas is so important and special for everyone in the world. I wish you a very merry and blessed Christmas filled with lots of love!

If you have any other reasons you'd like to add, feel free to comment them below! Or if you agree or have any additions to the reasons I listed feel free to comment them below aswell!

May God bless you and your family.


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