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Our tips on how to stay consistent in prayer

Hey MP family, it is extremely important to stay consistent with your prayer life. Prayer is such an important part of our walk with Christ. We have put together our tips - as a team, for you and we really hope it helps.

Hey, my name is Jennifer, I hope you are well by Grace. Hope we're having a good day too... I brood a lot and sometimes it doesn't help when I have a lot on my mind. I tune in to worship and I download sermons... sometimes ( please I'm using this cautiously).

I realise that not thinking so much about changing the situation but rather about how I am to act as a Christian in such a situation brings some peace and strength. Even if the situation persists, I'm able to find some solace in His Grace. It's not easy though...With that in mind, I turn the worry into a silent prayers...I read and I am intentional about looking for things to encourage myself in Him.

Hello, my name is Mirce, my tips on how to stay consistent are:

  • Pour your heart to the Lord (let Him know how you feel, because He cares)

  • Surround yourself with believers, that will encourage in prayer and more

  • Join prayer calls, either with friends or YouTube lives

  • Meditate on scripture on your current situation

  • Journaling

Hello, i'm Esther!

my encouragement is that prayer is not an option, it is a necessity. A consistent prayer life enables us to receive our blessings, develop a deeper connection with our Maker and to grow spiritually.

When we realise we need Gods help and want Gods will for our life then it will be easier to adopt a plan into developing a disciplined and healthy habit

hey hey, my names flo!

For me, staying consistent/intentional with my prayer life can be difficult at times especially when I get wrapped up with my day to day life, here are a few tips that have helped me...

1. Finding a routine and sticking to it: this can be by setting an alarm on your phone

2. Find a prayer buddy that can pray with you and hold you accountable

3. Make it a necessity, same way we need to eat, sleep and drink think of prayer like that

4. Ensure it is how you start and end your day.

5. Lastly, do not think about how long you are praying for BUT instead the quality of your prayer, God sees your heart it is not a competition, He loves you already - pray how it comes naturally to you.

Thank you for reading our blog and we really hope these tips help you, what tips do you have? Sharing is caring, drop a comment or message us on our social media accounts.


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