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Peace From God || A Conversation with Sarah Destiny

Following our theme of the month, 'Peace and trusting God' , I Interviewed Sarah Destiny, a Christian Beauty Content Creator, YouTuber and founder of Note To Self Daily, about what Peace and Trusting God means to her.


What does Peace from God mean to you?

Peace from God to me, means being relaxed no matter what situation I’m in. It’s quite hard to explain it without using the word lol but visually, I just imagine myself floating on water and just being at ease. I imagine my eyes closed and focussing on God who keeps me afloat. He stops me from drowning and even in the midst of storms and waves, as long as my focus is on him, I’ll never go under.


What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to trust in God?

I’ll be very honest with you, the first thing I would say is that trusting God is a process but will always be worth it. I feel like a lot of people struggle to trust God because they can’t ‘physically’ see him and that’s where faith comes into play. Imagine yourself on a bus. You see your bus driver and you automatically trust that they will take you to your destination because they're a bus driver, right? You don’t question it, you don’t think “hmmm, I hope he doesn’t go the wrong way” because you trust his role, who he is and you can see him. Now, when it comes to trusting God, it means having faith in him, even when you can’t see him because that’s his role and who he is. Not trusting him is having fear in him and trusting him is having faith in him.

Always remember that no situation is too big, too complex or too out of reach for God. I’m a practical person so I like to give practical tips. I would say to put your trust to work, literally. Trust him with the little and big things. A situation arises? Choose to trust God. A problem at work? Choose to trust God. Your car breaks down at 3am on a dark motorway? As hard as it would be lol, choose to trust God. You have to get into the habit of surrendering your situations over to him, praying about it and actively taking steps forward to grow your faith.


Has there been a time where you doubted God? How did you begin to trust in Him again?

Has there? MANY!! When I graduated, I was offered a job to work for an amazing media company and a few weeks before my start date, I was randomly told that they couldn’t take me on. I was literally gutted and just so confused. I doubted God because I was like … make this make sense, how can that happen? After a while, I began trusting him again by regaining confidence in who he is. I did this through prayer, praise and worship, music, dancing, the whole lot. Trusting God doesn’t just begin when you get what you want, you have to also trust him when you feel down and even in the hallway before the next door opens. Months went on and I landed an amazing job working for a great company that embodied everything and anything I loved. The key thing to remember is even when you doubt, it doesn’t change who God is and if you make the effort to still trust in him, he can and will surprise you.


How do you maintain a peaceful mind when you are surrounded by noise?

I disappear a lot and people know this about me. Surrounded by noise doesn’t always mean you are in a loud environment, with music blasting, people talking etc. Sometimes it can even be the noise in your mind. Noise of doubt, weakness, discouragement - the whole lot. I literally detach. Social media gets deactivated or deleted, conversations with people are kept at a minimum, less socialising etc. If I need to take time out, for my peace of mind, I’ll do it. In this time, I read and reflect a lot, have honest chit chats with God and just have me-time. There isn’t a deadline for when I’m back or a time limit I give myself. I know when I’m at peace when I feel like I’m back to myself and have the zeal to continue going. Whether that’s in a month, in a week or even in a day, once I’m back I genuinely feel at peace because I’m reminded that I don’t have to do this thing called life alone and the only one who can always give me peace will forever be right with me.


Connect with Sarah: Instagram & Twitter: @sarahdestinyx YouTube: Sarah Destiny

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