Planting Seeds

Happy New Year!

We have all made it into 2020 by Gods' grace, I am beyond thankful and excited for what He has in store for me and you! At Masterpiece, our theme for the month of January is Planting Seeds.

What do we mean by planting seeds?

Well, physically we plant seeds to grow plants? From fruits to Veg to flowers and when we see the final result, all the hard work pays off and it feels really rewarding.

But spiritually, sowing into areas of your life has a different meaning. One way we can look at this is when we look in Galatians 5, where Paul illustrates the fruits of the spirit. As followers of Christ, we need to be planting these seeds into our lives. An example would be planting seeds of righteousness and kindness in your life. It is not strictly just the fruits of the spirit, it can be anything from being productive to planting seeds of faith.


So today we're going to unfold the steps included in planting fruitful seeds in your life.

Firstly, you need to identify what it is you are planting exactly. As we're at the beginning of the new year and decade, a lot of us are talking about what we want to achieve and accomplish etc. It's all great and everything, but what seeds do you need to plant in your life to achieve these things? Do you need to be more patient? Do you need to become more productive?

Once you've got what you want to plant in your life, you need to prepare your soil. As read in Matthew 13, when Jesus tells the parable of the sower, He tells us that we need good soil to plant seeds. Seeds will not grow on concrete, they will not blossom the same. So we need to cultivate our hearts so they can receive these seeds and fully grow. Ways you can do this is by prayer, reading the Word and even fasting because it develops spiritual discipline as well.

When your soil is prepped you need to cultivate the seed and nourish it so it grows well and no thorns grow with it. In order to do this, you need to pray about it. You have to involve God in the process. Also, study what you're cultivating, for example, if you're planting seeds of kindness, you need to study what the bible says about kindness and people in the Bible that displayed kindness. This is to really understand what you are planting and to increase your knowledge on it.

You can't grow without a challenge or test, if you're trying to practice patience, you will be faced with many instances where you will need to literally be patient. This is the only way you will see your growth in the area. Do not let the challenges throw you off, but when they do arise, remind yourself of what you're doing, remind yourself of what the Bible says and trust God to help you through the Holy Spirit.


As we start 2020, I pray that you plant fruitful seeds in your life, That God equips you with the strength and courage to continue planting the seeds you need in your Christian walk. I also pray that this year will be the year of growth in all areas of your life.


Stay Blessed,


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