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To end our February theme on Gods Love, I Interviewed Sarah Destiny, a Christian Beauty Content Creator and YouTuber about her experience with Gods Love.


What does Gods love mean to you?

God’s love to me means everything. Sometime’s I’m in awe when I think about how much he loves me and has loved me in the past, currently and still will. It’s quite a lot to fathom when you think about it. He loved me even before I was even me … it’s priceless, unexplainable, comforting and beautiful.

When did you first ‘encounter’ or ‘realise’ Gods love in your life?

I first encountered God’s love in my life after my first ever break up (sad violin plays) lol. It was a really hard time for me, I didn’t think I could ever cope and just felt so broken and numb. One of my closest friends was supporting me a lot during that time and encouraged me to read the word more and just focus on God. Through reading the scriptures, worship music and prayer, my eyes were opened to his undeniable love for me. It gave me so much strength, made me realise my worth and also allowed me to understand that if I have God’s love, that’s all I’ll ever need.

How has Gods love changed the way you love the people around you?

God’s love has changed the way I love people in so many ways. As believers, we can sometimes do so many things that are contrary to God’s will for us. Yet, even whilst we were sinners, he loved us. Even when we did wrong, he loved us. Even when we knew better, he loved us. His love is the reason I don’t hold grudges or malice with people. If God is love and can love me with all of me, who am I not to love those around me?

Do you ever feel away from Gods love? & how do you pull yourself closer when you feel distant?

I used to, especially when I was still new into Christianity but now? No way! When you acknowledge God as your father and accept Jesus Christ into your life, he is in you and you are in him. You can’t ever stray from God’s love. If you feel away, it’s probably because of what you did, not because he left you. I would say to get back into the word, recognise and acknowledge his love that is ever present and there. Also, just because his love is unconditional doesn’t mean you should play around with it lol. Do what is right out of your love for your father, then you’ll truly be his child.

What advice would you give to someone who feels like they aren’t loved by God?

For the person who feels like they aren’t loved by God. Let me tell you something, you are truly the apple of his eye. God looks at you and is pleased because he made you in his image. Man’s disapproval doesn’t change Gods approval of you. You are so precious to him and valuable. Get to know him more than ever through prayer, worship, reading the word and so much more. To know God is to love him and to love him is to keep his commandments. You are so loved by him … don’t let circumstances or people make you think you aren’t. You are truly his masterpiece and he loves adores about you. NEVER FORGET !


Connect with Sarah:

Instagram & Twitter: @sarahdestinyx

YouTube: Sarah Destiny

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