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To end our April theme on Peace, I Interviewed Ysabella Grace, a Christian YouTuber about her experience with the Peace of God.


What does the Peace of God mean to you and how/when would you say you discovered it?

Peace means rest for me. It is a state of being at rest. The greek word for it also translates to wholeness, contentment and being calm. I discovered it when I was in a place of hurt and pain. I knew it was peace because for some reason in the midst of it I just felt calm. An example of this in the Bible is in Matthew when Jesus was asleep during the storm and the followers woke him up in urgency. He rebuked the storm saying ‘Peace! Be Still!’ then the wind stopped. Jesus was at rest whilst there was a storm! 

How would you advise someone to go about receiving peace if their environment is toxic?

It’s about knowing the source. Jesus said come to me all those who are weary and I will give them rest. In John 14:27, Jesus also says peace I leave with you: my peace I give you. I have been there when there was a toxic environment in my family but I would always run to my room and shut my door and receive the peace that Jesus said He would give. Peace is not determined by your environment but is wholeness and rest. One thing I also did was prayed for my family and it completely changed my perspective on them and helped me understand that they actually need love. This is why Jesus said this is the second most greatest commandment. 

What are your go-to Bible verses for when you're feeling anxious?

Search me, God, and know my heart, test me and know my anxious thoughts. - Psalm 139:23

This is my go-to because when I feel anxious I go straight into prayer but I always pray this scripture because I want to ask Him if there is anything that I have neglected or failed to represent my thoughts and feelings as they really are.

What are your top three worship/gospel songs that make you feel peace?

My top 3 would probably be

Wrap me in your arms - William McDowell, 
Come to the River - House Fires, 
Build My Life - House fires. 

I get lost in the worship 

What tips would you give to anyone feeling like they are looking for peace during this season of COVID-19?

I would say use your free time to press in. This is the time where the enemy believes it's an opportunity to attack you with points of weaknesses. If he knows that you are not in your word he will feed you lies and you will believe it, if he knows that you are an over thinker he will taunt you by pitting you against yourself or others, if he knows that you have been through a lot he will try to install anxiety and fear. My saying for this time is do not let fear immobilise you. Now is not the time to sit around and open yourself up to attacks. Be active in prayer and worship. Know your Word so that you can combat the lies. 


Connect with Ysabella Grace:

Instagram & Twitter: @YsabelleGrace_

YouTube: Ysabella Grace

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